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Daily Archives: 10/10/2009

SICSR – My Computer Masters


Established in 1985, SICSR is one of the first institutes in Maharashtra to offer high quality computer education at a time when few existed. In 2002, SICSR became a constituent of the Symbiosis International University and devised programmes, which offered two post-graduate degrees (MBA-IT and M. Sc.-CA) and two undergraduate degrees (BBA-IT and BCA).

To make the studies at SICSR an exhilarating intellectual journey, we endeavour to develop the necessary environment through synergy of well-qualified and devoted faculty, knowledge greedy students and experienced industry experts. SICSR has outstanding facilities available to support the programmes. Besides an excellent book collection and a reference library, computer access is provided through a wide variety of networking systems.

Responding to the critical needs of the industry, the Institute supports innovative projects, student internships and seminars that strengthen the link between theory and the real world’s expectations. The Institute also encourages frequent contacts with the professionals in the field through guest lectures and workshops. These contacts help us improve upon our programme inputs making them more relevant. Read more of this post

ICCR & My Scholarship

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) was founded on 9th April 1950 by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first Education Minister of independent India. Since then we have seen in India the consolidation of Indian democracy, the establishment of an equitable social order, the rapid development of the Indian economy, the empowerment of Indian women, the creation of a vibrant infrastructure of world-class educational institutions, and the powerful revitalization of scientific traditions.
There has also been a revival, reiteration and renewal of the five-millennia old Indian culture, exemplified by the energetic projection, development and experimentation in Indian arts, the confident and creative expansion of Indian languages, and the great energy in Indian cinema. ICCR, in harmony with these developments, is in unison with contemporary India.The last five decades have been one of the most exciting periods in the arts in India’s long history. Indian literature, music and dance,
Indian paintings, sculpture and crafts, as well as Indian theatre and films, has each witnessed great outbursts of creativity. ICCR continues to encourage improvisation and experimentation with the new, while it pays homage to the classical as well as the folk forms of India’s cultural expression. Read more of this post
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