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Firefox cursor positioning issue in EditorGridPanel resolved

The problem in the EditorGridPanel arrived when the columns exceeds more than the screen width and when we click on a cell to edit it jumps you back to the left. I have found a way to resolve this problem, but not sure this may raise some other issues or not . I would expect EXTJS experts could make some comments on this.
It seems that the ‘focusCell’ function in ext-all-debug.js has a problem. So, I just commented out the //this.focusEl.focus(); line.

focusCell : function(row, col, hscroll){
var el = this.ensureVisible(row, col, hscroll);
this.focusEl.alignTo(el, "tl-tl");
this.focusEl.focus.defer(1, this.focusEl);

Not sure it is the right way, but I got it fixed the firefox jumping back problem when we click on the cell to edit (if grid exceeded the maximum page size horizontally.) . I would expect a fix in next version of extjs on this. I hope it may help someone too temporarily…


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