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Want to Climb the Google ladder?

If you want your website to climb the Google ladder then you need to develop your website ethically within the guide lines and be prepared to be patient and never take Unnecessary risks with short term tactics with potentially ‘Black Hat’ practices.

If you want climb the Google Ladder and improve your organic rankings then you need a well constructed site that is fully assessable containing a growing volume of new content and has plenty of quality in bound links. This is the best recipe to follow and your site will eventually climb the Google ladder.

Positive changes you make to your website will be automatically picked up by the Google bots who regularly spiders pages of websites as long as they are accessible and will index pages to their database and take note of those changes. Every web owner wants to see their website rise the Google rankings and we all want to please Google, so if you want to improve your rankings you should try to understand how to satisfy Google’s alogryhtm. To find out more about the Google guidelines.

Unlike other search engines such as Yahoo and MSN, Google don’t really pay that much attention to ‘Keywords’ and whilst they are important In the overall design and construction of your website they are of lesser importance to Google.

The two main areas of interest that Google are looking at

* Growth in your unique content this makes your site of interest and up to date as a resource of good information to their readers.

* Quality and volume of inbound links to your site both incoming only [directories] and reciprocal links with relevant sites which have high link popularity.

Both of these areas need your urgent attention if you are going to please Google’s measure of importance and climb the Google ladder


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