Sanjoy Roy

[MCM, MCP, SCJP] – Senior PHP Programmer

Cre Loaded 6.2 – Previous – Next – With detailed info Addons

Previous – Next – With detailed info

1. This contribution places previous/next buttons in the product_info.php page which allows you to navigate the products of that category/manufacturer without having to go back to the category/manufacturer.
2. Optional: the name of the category/manufacturer can be displayed. The category name only is linked back to the category.
3. Optional: there can be buttons to link to the first/last product. These buttons are not supplied. You will have to create them. To insert the code look in the install under Bonus Install.

How to use it:
1. Follow the instructions in the Install Guide for installation
2. All files are located in the folder named files
3. Upload the files to the directories listed in the Install Guide
4. To set where the previous/next buttons will be diplayed go Admin–>Configuration–>Product Listing. Select Location of Prev/Next Bar Location (1-top, 2-bottom, 3-both)

Download Link


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