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[MCM, MCP, SCJP] – Senior PHP Programmer

Top PHP 5 Projects

icon.png Kumbia PHP Framework php Framawork spanish, mvc, full support, forms generation, AJAX and Web 2,0 focused
latus_logo.gif LATUS LATUS is the Site Management System developed by MoveNext from Leiden, the Netherlands
live_agent_logo.gif Live Agent Chat LiveAgent live chat software is THE live chat solution for your website. This PHP / MySQL / AJAX script is completely web based.
LoveCMS LoveCMS is a simple content managment system for producing websites without learning curve.
logo_s.jpg Magike Magike is a powerful blog software based on PHP5.

logo.png Absolut Engine Absolut Engine is a simple and flexible PHP framework and advanced CMS. XHTML 1.0 output, MySQL, SEO, clean URLs.
ACP3 ACP3 is an highly customizable and easy to use general-purpose web content management system based on PHP and MySQL.
logo.png Algenta’s DNS Max Web based front-end and web-service stack for DNS management
Aperiplus An unit-tested, OOP library for php5.
watermark.gif Asido: PHP Image Transform/Processing Asido is a PHP (PHP4/PHP5) image processing solution, with “pluggable” drivers(adapters) for virtually any environment.
badger-logo.gif BADGER finance BADGER finance – Open Source Financial Management
BareBonesMVC: A one-file, no-configuration, MVC framework for PHP5 BareBonesMVC: A one-file, no-configuration, MVC framework for PHP5
bbclone.png BBClone A PHP based web counter that is able to do statistics
bit.gif BiT Switzerland Bersier Information Technologies Webhosting mit PHP5, Mysql5, Photogallery. Projektleitungen, Systemadministration.
bnthed.gif Blacknova Traders BlackNova Traders is an opensource web-based, multi-player space exploration game inspired by the popular BBS game of TradeWars.
logo.png BlueErp An open source, web based ERP
logo.png BrowserCRM BrowserCRM is a business Customer Management application using Web 2.0 and Ajax.
Censura_Avatar_80x80_v2.gif Censura Censura is a reviews and ratings application which can optionally integrate with popular forum software.
c4avatar.jpg Cerberus Helpdesk 4.0 – New Changes A team-based e-mail management project focused on simplicity and efficiency. Improved constantly from active community feedback.
logo_text.gif CiviCRM Open source CRM
logo.gif CMS Made Simple Accessible, flexible, simple open source content management.
logo.gif Collablog Collablog is a content management system, it’s design goals are colorative content creation and blogging easily.
contrexx_rgb_72dpi_h_85px.jpg Contrexx® Open Source WCMS Powerful open source PHP-based Content Management System designed for ease of use
ccLogo.gif CubeCart An easy to use eCommerce system
logo.png DeluxeBB Forum DeluxeBB is a fast forum software with many skins and configurable features…
intpic010.gif DeskPRO Web and email based helpdesk package
Doctrine Object-Relational Mapper
dnp.gif Domain Name Portfolio Domain Name Portfolio is a FREE PHP and MySQL based application to help domain owners better organize their portfolio.
logo.png Dragonfly goes PHP 5 CMS and application framework.
druplicon.small.png Drupal CMS and application framework.
Elite Bulletin Board a free Bulletin Board program that is light themed and still full-featured.
enano-clothified-glassblur.gif Enano CMS Enano CMS is a hybrid CMS that combines the best of content management and wiki without the bloat of other CMSes
estatica.png Estatica Italian encyclopedia of music and culture
logo-rgb.gif EventManager EventManager provides efficient online administration of delegates, bookings, marketing, & reports for events & conferences
flyspray.png Flyspray Flyspray is an easy to use yet powerful bug tracker.
FryPHP FryPHP is object oriented templating engine using plain PHP for templating
gallery2.png Gallery Your photos on your web site
logo.jpg Gavintech Framework The Gavintech Framework is a set of libraries designed to simplify repetitive tasks in PHP.
Habari and PHP5 Habari represents a fresh start to the idea of blogging. The system is fast, easy to use, and easy to modify.
Hewle Online documentation project
logo-large.png HTML Purifier 3.0.0 released Standards-compliant and XSS-free HTML filter
vcddb-logo.gif Keep up with your movie collection with VCD-db. Build on PHP5 from the beginning.
dbxWebApps_Box1.gif dbXwebApp -Next Generation CMS – PHP open source – Psych Desktop is a web desktop.
roundcube_small.png Official support of RoundCube Webmail in Russia
HyperDump HyperDump is an user-friendly MySQL dump importer. It is written in PHP5, in an object-oriented way.
icebb_logo.png IceBB Powerful open-source forum system
admin-logo.gif Irokez CMS Opensource content management system
theNorthLogo.png – ToDo-Listen – Go PHP 5 : We support PHP 5 iTodo is a simple PHP 5 based todo-list management solution. The current [spare-time] project is available in German only.
logo_jelix.png Jelix Jelix is a PHP5 framework for modern web applications
jojo-cms-logo.jpg Jojo CMS An open-source PHP based content management system
KFM – Kae’s File Manager Ajax File Manager, usable as a plugin or standalone
kohana.png Kohana Kohana is a PHP 5 FRAMEWORK that uses the MODEL VIEW CONTROLLER architectural pattern.
krumo.jpg Krumo Krumo is a debugging tool, which displays structured information about any PHP variable.
Kubix CMS Kubix CMS is the world’s finest next generation CMS!


maia-logo.gif Maia Mailguard A Spam and Virus Management System
mantis_logo.gif Mantis: Dropping Support for PHP 4 Mantis is one of the most popular open source web-based bugtracking systems.
The Midgard Project.png Midgard CMS Midgard is a component-based toolkit for building content-oriented web services
product_box.jpg Mondo Shop 4 – shop software – ecommerce Mondo Shop is an out of the box solution for authoring and managing an ecommerce site / online shop
moodle-logo-small.gif Moodle Roadmap Moodle is a very popular open-source learning management system.
Logo.gif MyBB A free, powerful, efficient, and multi-lingual discussion board software offering full control over your discussion board.
mcz.png Mychoonz Mychoonz is a mp3 player implemented in AJAX and PHP.
logo.gif mzz Opensource php5 Framework
netjukebox.png netjukebox netjukebox is a web-based Winamp/httpQ media jukebox.
nexty_logo.png Nexty Nexty is a easy to use GTD tool created in PHP. It can be installed in a local server or in a online web server.
NORS NORS is a small redaction system with simple code, that can be easily extended and edited.
logo.png Obsessive Media CMS Das Obsessive Media CMS ist ein stark modularisiertes CMS, das als Zusatzmodule z.B. einen Blog, Kalender usw. bereitstellt.
omniumLogo.png Omnium Open Software A community building tool to enable online creative collaboration
oscommerce.gif osCommerce The leading open source e-commerce solution with the largest growing community base of store owners and developers
pearlogo.png PEAR A collection of stable, supported library classes with an installer for easy management
plain 3.5 _ 48x12.png phlyMail phlyMail is an AJAX powered webmailer and groupware
logo.png phpDenora phpDenora provides a complete, nice looking and solid web interface to the Denora IRC Statistics Software
phpDrone.gif phpDrone phpDrone is a php5+ framework that incorporates a lot of features helping php developers in web programming
pma_logo.gif phpMyAdmin A popular web-based administration tool for MySQL.
PHPMyExport PHPMyExport is an easy, fast and powerful PHP class, which allows multiple databases dump. Delivered with a web-based interface.
logo_phpmyfaq.gif phpMyFAQ phpMyFAQ – The open source FAQ system
logo-phpmyvisites.gif phpMyVisites The leading open source Web Analytics platform
phpPgAdmin The premire web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL
phpunit-logo.gif PHPUnit PHPUnit is a PHP unit testing framework
pragmamx.gif pragmaMx cms pragmaMx is a content management system written in PHP
propel.png Propel Propel is an object persistence (object relational mapping) tool for PHP5 based on Apache Torque.
pdlogoprov10.png Psych Desktop Psych Desktop is an open source web desktop licenced under the GPL version 2.
Rephactor A refactoring tool for php5 code.
aa.gif RevokeBB RevokeBB is a script that permit you to build a bulletin board. It has incredible performances and it uses ajax. Try it!
roundcube_small.png RoundCube Webmail RoundCube is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an ajax-driven user interface.
seasar_banner.gif S2Container.PHP5 S2Container is a lightweight container which supports DI(Dependency Injection) and AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming). The goal of
Shopalong is now a PHP5 application Shopalong – ecommerce (based on osCommerce) with Smarty and oddles of OOP
press-ss-logo.gif Silverstripe Modern object oriented framework and content management system built with PHP5-only code from the outset.
Simple_invoices_Logo_Orange.png Simple Invoices goes PHP 5 only a simple web based invoicing system designed to get the job done, Free/Open source software, community developed and no hype
Simple PHP Framework Provides a quick starting point and does a lot of the grunt work associated with building websites for clients.
logo_simplepie_horizontal.png SimplePie SimplePie is a very fast and easy-to-use class, written in PHP, that puts the “simple” back into “really simple syndication”.
solar_logo.gif Solar Solar is a PHP 5 framework for rapid application development. It is fully name-spaced and uses enterprise application design pat
picture-38.png Support-Ende für alte PHP-Versionen advanced cms for clans and lanpartys
swat-logo.png Swat Swat is an LGPL web application toolkit
swift_logo2.gif Swift Mailer Swift Mailer is a fully fledged object-oriented mailer for PHP.
logo.png SwishCMS to go PHP5 A free, lightweight and modular CMS which can be customized to work in any situation under any circumstances.
symfony_logo.gif Symfony Open-source PHP web framework
System Requirements WebAdmin Web CMS
logo.gif Texy2 Texy is one of the most complex lightweight markup language. Has full support of typography, CSS, images, lists, tables etc.
Thacmus Basic CMS built for simplicity and flexibility, using PHP 5 and MySQL


banner.png The Address Book Reloaded This is a PHP addressbook web application to store contact details of employees/customers in utf8 format on a website.
tm_banner.gif Thomas Multimedia User friendly web applications aimed at empowering business
tigermouse-small.png Tigermouse – Download and installation Web application Ajax framework for PHP
tcms.jpg toendaCMS 2 toendaCMS is one of the easiest and most powerful open source content management systems.
logo-typo3.gif Typo3 Content Management System
Logo.jpg TYPOlight Accessible open source PHP5 web content management system
88x31-button.png UseBB UseBB is a light and effective PHP and MySQL based forum package released under the GPL.
USVN-planet-logo-icon256.png Userfriendly SVN Userfriendly SVN is a PHP5 web interface which permit to administrate and to configure Subversion repositories.
claroline18.png Version 1.8 of Claroline will be the last to support PHP 4 The Open Source eLearning Platform
logo.png VHCP A tool for the administration of VerliHub (a DC++ hubsoft)
vikingboard_logo_smaller.png Vikingboard Powerful and lightweight, yet feature rich open-source forum system.
logo.png Website Baker Open Source PHP-based Content Management System designed for ease of use
foliovision-logo-big-tight.gif Why Foliopress WSYIWYG will be PHP5 Only True WYSIWYG editing with advanced one click image posting.
WideImage Object-oriented image manipulation library
x7c3_lowres.png X7 Chat Joins Go PHP 5 Webbased chatroom software.
Xandu Rapid Application Framework and Content Managment System
xinu_ext_logo.gif Xinu EXT Xinu EXT – a SEO Toolkit to quickly check your PageRank, Search Engine Listings and much more.
zen_cart_logoSM.jpg Zen Cart moves to PHP 5 Zen Cart™ truly is the art of e-commerce; a free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart system.
ZenMagick A MVC based storefroned and API for zen-cart

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