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Easy CMS/Block – Frontend Features

  • Extension key: magento-community/AsiaConnect_FreeCMS


    Easy CMS allow to put any HTML content to any position on Magento site. You can put text, banner, advertisement, images, flash, music, video, product… After a short time with more than 4000+ download, EasyCMS Frontend Features is available to install via Magento Connect now. Get the extension and have a happy time with your site now.

    What do you have with EasyCMS Frontend Features?

    1. Easy to manage via Magento Static Block function 2. Allow to display block anywhere with 8 predefined positions 3. Allow to specify a store view/website/store 4. Allow to enable/disable any block 5. Suppor full HTML content (Text, Banner, Advertisement, Images, Flash, Music, Video, Product…) 6. Easy to install, just copy to use

    User Guide

    To show static block on your frontend, go to Admin/CMS/Static Blocks, create static block with follow identifier: sidebar-right-top sidebar-right-bottom sidebar-left-top sidebar-left-bottom content-top menu-top menu-bottom page-bottom Note that you should select appropriate website that you want to show. This support any HTML content. Select Save, refresh the frontend and get your result. Great work!


    How can I get the EasyCMS Full Features?

    The EasyCMS v2.0 Full Features has been released with new powerful features that bring you a strong and flexible solution in advertisment and promotion. See more details and get the EasyCMS Full Features via Regards, Asia Connect Group™ Magento Customization TipsMagento SEO Tips Magento DemoMagento Showcase Magento Customization Resources & Services


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