Sanjoy Roy

[MCM, MCP, SCJP] – Senior PHP Programmer

Creloaded Payment Modules sorting

File Name: payment.php
Function Name: function selection() {}
Line: 240
Copy and paste the folowing, also do not forget to change your module names within single quotes:

So, anything else will be order just below:

$include_modules_short =  array();
$include_modules = $this->modules;
for($i=0; $imodules = $include_modules_short;$i++){                                    

	if($include_modules[$i] == 'paypal.php'){

	$include_modules_short[1] = $include_modules[$i];

	}else if($include_modules[$i] == 'transfer.php'){

	$include_modules_short[2] = $include_modules[$i];

	}else if($include_modules[$i] == 'moneyorder.php'){

	$include_modules_short[3] = $include_modules[$i];

	}else if($include_modules[$i] == 'nabapi.php'){

	$include_modules_short[0] = $include_modules[$i];


	$include_modules_short[$i] = $include_modules[$i];


$this->modules = $include_modules_short;

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