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iBrowser upload problem and fixes

Filename: rfiles.php
Changes line no: 432
$cfg[‘temp’] = ‘/home/rarerobi/public_html/images’;
Comment #510
//@chmod($path . $nthumb, 0755) or die($l->m(‘er_028’));
Comment #512
//echo $l->m(‘er_028’);
Comment #436
//echo $l->m(‘er_028’);
Comment #62
//echo $l->m(‘er_001’) . ‘: ‘ . $l->m(‘er_028’);

Change iBrowser config file:
$cfg[‘base_url’] = ‘http://’ . $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’].’/~rarerobi’;

Change in php_thumb config file
$PHPTHUMB_CONFIG[‘allow_local_http_src’] = true;

Change in phpThumb.php file
add the line:
$_GET[‘src’] = $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’]/~rarerobi’.$_GET[‘src’];

add the condition if($lib[‘value’]==’/images/’) at line 1463 of iBrowser.php file to hide other lists than images.

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