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Ma Amar Ma

Without saying she understands everything, she is in our happiness, sadness, she is the best and most truthful.
She helped in every petty thing like she taught us how to walk, she led us by her finger.
In cold she is like sunlight, in summer she is like rain. She is like dreams and she is ours when we are in trouble.
She kisses our forehead, even if she is far(not with us)..she is with us day and night(in our hearts)
Thats all about our mothers…
And thats all is the song about
In Bangla, as in many other languages, ‘Ma’ means Mother:
No one sings me to sleep anymore
No face around me resembles how I remember her
Her care and warmth are plain gone
The only way I can see her is when I close my eyes
Maa, oh my mother.Maa, oh my mother
There’s this illusion, and
When I see you through it,I forget all pain that surrounds me

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