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Creloaded 6.2 – Call for prices with Product Extra Fields

Create an Extra field ‘Call for prices’ through Creloaded 6.2 backend.
Modify the product_listing.php file by adding the following function at the end of the file.

function getProductsExtraFieldValue($extra_fields_id=4, $products_id){
$ef_value = ”;
$ef_query = tep_db_query(“SELECT `products_extra_fields_value` FROM `products_to_products_extra_fields` WHERE `products_extra_fields_id`='”.$extra_fields_id.”‘ AND `products_id`= ‘”.$products_id.”‘ “);
while ($ef_rows = tep_db_fetch_array($ef_query)) {
$ef_value = $ef_rows[‘products_extra_fields_value’];
return $ef_value;

The call the function getProductsExtraFieldValue() and do the customization in your need.

$call_for_price = getProductsExtraFieldValue(4,$listing[$x][‘products_id’]);

if ($call_for_price ==”){
$lc_text = $pf->getPriceStringShort();
$lc_text = ”;

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