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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Frame not found in cellmap

You have to be careful how complex your HTML layout is. In fact I’ve found the simpler, the better (and yes, that means the use of HTML tables quite often).
The reason this error was occurring was because I had a DIV tag that was spanning onto two pages. The fix was super easy; I simply changed the DIV tag to a SPAN.
This also seems to occur with tags; again I replaced these with a span tag.

OpenCart – How to customize the order confirmation and registration email?

To change the order confirmation email, access your store files on FTP and go to the following directory:


Open the order.php file to make the changes you need. You will see the text to edit in quotation marks on the right when you open the file.

In order to edit the the customer registration email, on your FTP go to:


and make your changes to the customer.php file.