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Grameenphone P5/P6 internet package, use efficiently

Grameenphone P5/P6 packages are data limited packages, taking the most out of them should be a priority.

To efficiently use your data quota, you should follow few things:

1. Use firefox browser with adblocker plus extension.Ads use lots of bandwidth, so using adblocker saves your bandwidth.
2. Don’t use torrent clients.Torrents uses both uploading and downloading, so while downloading a 20MB file with torrent, you may end up using 30MB or more of your data quota.
3. Use pidgin messenger instead of official yahoo/msn messenger.Official yahoo/msn messengers shows lots of ads which eats up your data quota, so using pidgin for chat will save your pocket.
4.Update softwares using update packs.Many softwares provide a smaller upgrader package when new versions are available. Download and use it instead of full package.
5. Turn off showing images on web pages when you only need text information. This will save you most bandwidth in the long run.

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