Sanjoy Roy

[MCM, MCP, SCJP] – Senior PHP Programmer


sanjoy_royThis is Sanjoy Roy, a senior programmer who loves programming n currently, working in a private firm, Melbourne. Sanjoy Roy’s objective is to obtain a challenging position in the IT industry to apply his extensive analytical, programming and inter-personal skills in the design and development of software systems.

Sanjoy’s is indicative of a moderately outgoing and confident person who is not necessarily likely to be highly demonstrative or highly participative in the more formal settings in the workplace.
In addition, Sanjoy clearly prefers a level of formality in his relationships at work and may be comfortable maintaining a degree of professional detachment from others. Sanjoy’s ability therefore to generally engage with people and build close alliances is not a major strength, and he is generally comfortable working autonomously.

Therefore, Sanjoy will bring a level of formality to his relationships at work, although he has some investment in engaging with people without this being a strong focus.

Sanjoy’s  is consistent with someone who has a solid interest in taking on responsibility for the management and direction of the work related efforts of others. This suggests that Sanjoy will be able to organise staff and resources and is willing to take some responsibility for leading and organising in a team environment. Sanjoy is expected therefore to be generally comfortable in taking responsibility for setting the direction of the group, as well as taking on supervisory/management roles.
In addition to this, Sanjoy has a solid investment in taking a longer term view and setting goals for the group, and this suggests that he does bring a sound focus on setting targets and taking a longer term perspective reasonably effectively without being purely focused on the strategic issues within the team. Sanjoy is however only moderately inclined to consult with stakeholders, suggesting that he is willing to make decisions without extensive consultation and will encourage input from stakeholders where feasible or appropriate. Generally therefore his approach to people management will be characterised by an ability to set goals, but he may
only consult with stakeholders and staff in certain situations.

In all, Sanjoy’s approach to people management is solid, but characterised primarily by a willingness to be directive, to set goals and targets, and maintain a focus on progress against these targets. Sanjoy will also be consultative with stakeholders in some situations to ensure their buy-in, but is unlikely to be consistent in this. This is not necessarily a major concern, but does suggest in some situations Sanjoy could broaden his consultative decision making style to complement his goal setting and his willingness to be directive in a team environment.

Sanjoy’s is consistent with a generally competitive person who can be expected to be willing to win in business terms and will generally deal effectively with the requirements of a competitive environment. As such, Sanjoy’s capacity to drive outcomes will be characterised by a desire to win, which suggests that whilst in some circumstances he will compromise with stakeholders, generally he is someone who enjoys competitive activities and in most circumstances needs to win.
Sanjoy complements his competitive drive with a sound level of career related ambition. He can therefore be expected to set himself reasonably ambitious career targets. However, he is also someone who tends to balance his decision making between opportunities, but also weighing up the risks before proceeding with any particular direction. As such, whilst Sanjoy has a sound level of competitive drive, he tends to be reasonably careful in his decisions.

In all, Sanjoy will have a solid capacity to drive outcomes effectively, primarily from his competitive desire to win and his ability to pursue outcomes ambitiously. As such he is an action-oriented person who will seek to win in business terms. He will, however, tend to make more careful decisions and verify these before proceeding with initiatives.

Sanjoy’s is consistent with someone who has a moderate orientation to consultative decision making, suggesting that he will be comfortable making decisions without extensive consultation with stakeholders, but will encourage their input and participation in other circumstances or where feasible. This is consistent with someone who is likely to be reasonably inclusive, and therefore make some impact on stakeholders in some circumstances, but will act
autonomously and independently in others.
Sanjoy also has a moderate investment in seeking to persuade and influence other people to his point of view, but generally his broader capacity to debate and sell may not be as strong.
In all, this suggests that Sanjoy’s consultative and persuasive capacities will be reasonable without being highly pronounced, and therefore he can in some circumstances be expected to make an impact interpersonally, but at other times may be less effective or perhaps work without consultation, thereby limiting his impact. Sanjoy’s profile also suggests a lower inclination to critically evaluating information, and therefore in addition to having a moderate
capacity to impact stakeholders interpersonally he may tend to accept arguments at face value or take for granted the accuracy of tasks being undertaken, and therefore his capacity to make an impact interpersonally via critically analysing limitations or potential issues in initiatives or projects with stakeholders will be limited.

In all therefore Sanjoy’s interpersonal impact will be reasonable in terms of dealing with relationship issues, but not highly pronounced. In addition, Sanjoy’s ability to critically analyse potential pitfalls is more moderate, and therefore broadening his consultative capacities and his ability to gain buy-in, as well as a stronger focus on improving his risk management capacities, is strongly recommended.

His hobbies includes playing chess, listening to music, watching cricket, chanting HARE KRISHNA maha mantra, mediation, drawing pictures, traveling to natural sites, net surfying etc. Sanjoy is a very hard worker, sincere and has ability to learn quickly.

Sanjoy welcomes you to visit and share his resources and works.

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