Sanjoy Roy

[MCM, MCP, SCJP] – Senior PHP Programmer


For the last 5 years, I have worked on various projects for a wide range of businesses in diverse industries and in this time I have gained firsthand knowledge of the requirements needed to take a project from initial planning to completion, either as the primary/sole developer, as support for other developers, or required to track down and solve programming issues that had arisen.

(1) Private IT Firm
Melbourne, Victoria, 3121
Employment Period: Jul 12 2010 to Till Date

Role:Working as a Senior Programmer. I am involved with the core development team of the firm for the development and customizations of their sites and online stores. I am familiar with most of the online shopping cart systems including osCommerce, Creloaded and Magento. My day to day work involves extra programming for the clients with respect to shopping cart customization, stock management, newsletters, order manipulations, complex data import from a flat file in manual and automated process using cron-jobs, advance searching capabilities, countdown timers, YouTube plug-ins, CNet API integration for professional reviews, PayPal integration, Shipping calculator with respect to zones, use of SOAP API request and responds from other server. Besides this I am also involved in Site Migration, Site Backup, updating security patches, & viruses and spam protection, web stats, ad-hoc customer supports and many more.

Position: Full-Time

(2) car4me Pty Ltd.ABN: 62 134 027 919 Level 9, 606 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne. Victoria. 3004
Employment Period: Nov 12, 2007 Jul 12 2010

Role:Worked as a Developer. During my employment I have been involved in developing projects in a team or individual:

Account Manager– to view/add/update/delete/print/export accounts.

FAX Error Responder – to send FAX with error details reported by the business clients. It is an automated system run by a CRON job. It reads the Email through POP3 API, parse the error code and messages, merge the error message with details and send to FAX machine and the responsible recipients.

Directory Control Panel– to enlist all the directories with their status like listing updated, follow up, overdue, currently opened by other user etc. It provides an alert at the top to show which are marked for follow-up current date or overdue. It has a technique to save the search listing by a name, so that it listing can be viewed by selecting the name later on.

Product Group Manager – developed for dealers to add/modify/delete feeds.

Business Stock Management System – to manage stock for dealers. (described below)

Data Import Export Manager using SOAP – it can read any input file like .csv, .xml, .xls and open it in a grid editor, allow manipulation, filtering and export to .csv file. It helps to generate a csv file with configurable columns (with headings) to import them to the system from any type of file. It uses SOAP class with WSDL file, so data transfer is secured.

Web Based Data Loader – explained in the project summary.

Dealer Showroom Control Panel – it lists all dealers’ showroom special files (in form of .pdf & .jpg). This special offers displays on dealer’s homepage. The main feature of this panel was to convert .pdf to .jpg dynamically and upload to the special showroom directory. For the conversion I used ImageMagick and Ghostscript libraries.

Biller Finder – lists all the existing billers with the search by biller names, codes, states, etc.

I was also involved in generating account Reports like age billing report, active paying clients report, classifieds ads accounts report, credit listing, individual account invoice listing etc.

I was also involved in developing & maintaining their client help supporting system using Kayako.

Position: Full-Time

(3) ForMySchool Pty Ltd
Employment Period: May 17, 2007 To Nov 12 2007

Role: Worked as a Web Developer. It was an online fundraising project. I was in charge of Developing and Maintain the system called ‘Online Fundraiser System’ which explained in project summary section below.


(4) IBCS-Primax Software Ltd.House # 44, Road # 13/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka – 1209, Bangladesh.

Employment Period: Mar 03, 2004 To Jun 04, 2004

Role:I also worked as a Senior Programmer. My responsibilities were system study, analysis, designing & coding. My major areas of work were diagnosis, providing solutions & monitoring company’s development, skilled process & activities.

I have 3 years PHP work experiences from IBCS-Primax Software (BD) Ltd. There have worked for a client name FHI [Food for the Hungry International], (accessible for authorized users). I was responsible for developing a Child Development Program using PHP, PostGreSQL, XML-RPC (Keith Devin’s PHP Functions), CSS, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSV, AJAX, SendMail API, Request Tracker (RT), CRONTAB scheduler etc worked both in Windows & Linux platform. I have used a web based Request Tracker (RT), to track requests that were assigned to me and sent the fixes through SFTP to FHI’s FTP server with a checklist.

Employment Period: Jan 01, 2004 To Feb 08, 2007


(5) Bhuiyan Institute of Technology (BIT)House#24, Road#27, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.
Role:Worked as a Senior Java Lecturer. My responsibilities include conducting classes and assisting students for developing various projects.


(6) Object Data, Inc.House # 90, Road # 23, Block # A, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh.
Role:Worked as a Java Developer. My responsibilities include system study, analysis, design and coding. I was also responsible for preparing demos, presentations, documentations and s/w trainings.

Position: Full-Time

(7) Evoknow Inc.House # 1A, Road # 23, Gulshan-1,Dhaka -1212, Bangladesh.
Employment Period: Jul 07, 2001 To Jul 06, 2002

Role:Worked as a Java Developer & Software Test Engineer. My responsibilities also include various research works for web development programs.


(8) Axiom Technology Ltd.7-13 Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh.
Employment Period: Feb 05, 2001 To Jul 05, 2001Role: Worked as a Software Trainee Faculty for Java. My responsibilities include conducting classes, assignments, managing and guiding various projects for the students.


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