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Daily Archives: 17/12/2010

Plesk start-stop command

Linux command for Backup Script

You need to login to the shell and run following commands for both mysql databases and files.


tar -cvzf httpdocs/
mysqldump -u absblank_ssitecms -p absblank_ssitecmsdb >absblanksshirts.sql

To view webalizer stats without login to cpanel

To view webalizer stats without login to cpanel do the following steps using shell :

1.First go to the public_html folder user :
# cd /home/username/public_html
e.g  cd /home/candylip/public_html/

2. Open .htaccess file. Add following code and save it:
Options +FollowSymLinks

You can edit the .htaccess file of the root store via vi editor.

3. Now create syblink for weblizer. Replace domainname.stats with name you want in order to access your website statistics. Change the owner to account user and permissions to 755.

#ln -s ../tmp/webalizer domainname.stats
chown username.username domainname.stats
chmod 755 ../tmp/webalizer

#ln -s ../tmp/webalizer exclusiv.stats
#chown exclusiv.exclusiv exclusiv.stats
#chmod 755 ../tmp/webalizer

Unblocking IP address in Cpanel Server or Linux Command Line

You can unblock if from server shell console or from csf plugin if the serve is running cpanel.

For in WHM under the Plugins section go to ConfigServer Security&Firewall.
Quick Allow tool should solve any blocking issues.

If the server is not running Cpane then from linux console run :
csf -a $IP
where $IP is IP you want to unblock and whitelist.


root@secure [~]# csf -a
Removing from csf.deny and iptables DROP…
DROP  all opt — in !lo out *  ->
DROP  all opt — in * out !lo  ->
Adding to csf.allow and iptables ACCEPT…
ACCEPT  all opt — in !lo out *  ->
ACCEPT  all opt — in * out !lo  ->
root@secure [~]#

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